1. Application
    • Prospective students and any other applicable individuals (i.e., guardians, family members/parents, etc.) will complete an application to be considered for participation in the program.
  2. Needs Assessment
    • Along with the application, prospective students and any other applicable individuals (i.e., guardians, family members/parents, service providers, etc.) will complete a skills assessment to provide The degondABA School with more information regarding the students educational needs.
  3. Program Determination
    • School staff (including leadership and teachers) will meet to review the application submitted and will determine the fit of the individual applying to participate in the program.  If the individual is deemed appropriate for The degondABA School, an acceptance letter will be sent to the client/family/guardian.
  4. Development of Individualized Curriculum
    • Upon acceptance into the program, an individualized curriculum will be developed based on the students needs determined through the assessment.  Along with the individualized curriculum, the student will also participate in a more general curriculum that all participants in The degondABA School are expected to complete.
  5. Skills Teaching
    • Independent Living - this includes, but is not limited to, the following skills:
      Organizational skills, self-care, money management, maintenance & cleaning, mechanics and repairs, community travel, transportation, kitchen tools & appliances, food & meal planning, independent shopping, personal management, safety, problem solving, social interactions, living with others, interpersonal relationships
    • Vocational - this includes, but is not limited to, the following skills:

      Job search, creating resumes, completing applications, interview skills, basic skills, coworker relations, workplace safety, fixed activity skills, custodial & cleaning, laundry, retail, support personnel, office skills, computer skills, restaurant skills, restaurant kitchen, warehouse, tools, trades & construction, landscaping

  6. Team Meeting
    • Upon completion, and proven mastery, by the student of the group and individualized curriculum a team meeting will be scheduled.  The team will include the student, student’s family/family home provider/guardian, and school staff to review the student's progress while participating in the program.  The team will also develop a plan, based on the new knowledge and skills the student possesses, to increase the student’s independence.
  7. Graduation
    • When the student has completed the curricula, mastered all of the skills targeted during the student's participation in The degondABA School, and has participated in a final team meeting, a Graduation Ceremony will be planned for the student to celebrate the student's progress and accomplishments.
  8. Set Up with Job Coach